My writing explores themes of identity, compulsion, and power dynamics. I'm particularly obsessed with the polarity between desire and fear. In fiction, I'm drawn to that which might repel me in real life: the irrational, erratic, grotesque, and absurd. It’s too simplistic to say I'm trying to ‘figure out’ human perversity by writing about it, because I don’t have that expectation. But it has been my occupation to puzzle over it.



The Dry Season (Short Story) Joyland Magazine (The West), November 2018

The Sound As It Tears  (Flash Fiction) Monsieur Stindel Magazine/Issue 1, Spring/Summer 2016  

The Eternals  (Novel Excerpt) Your Impossible Voice/Issue 9, Fall 2015

Last Impressions  (Intro To The RavineThe Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review/February 2015

The Ravine (Short Story) The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review/February 2015

Revolutionaries: How The Size Queens Use DIY Tactics To Flip Off The Indie Music World  (Music Profile) The Believer Logger/November 2014

Women In Clothes: Why We Wear What We Wear  (Contributor) Blue Rider Press/Penguin 2014

Show Me  (Short Story) Slice Magazine/Issue 11, September 2012

What Matters Is Not What I Do  (Flash Fiction) SLAB (Sound & Literary Art Book)/Issue 6, April 2011

Some Who Surprised Me  (Creative Non-Fiction) Shadowbox Magazine/Issue 2, January 2010